About Us

What does Macht Schnell mean?

“Macht Schnell” can be considered an illogical phrase, due to dialectal pronunciation. The word “Macht” means having power, strength or authority. The word “schnell” means fast or rapid.

The phrase “Macht Schnell” means “hurry up”, “Go ahead!” or “Make it quick!”. As pertaining to your BMW, we’d like to think of it as a result of “speed through power”.

Macht Schnell is a BMW-specific tuning company dedicated to developing & manufacturing the finest products available. Dedicated to providing the finest in quality high performance and aesthetic modifications to assist in maximizing the most from your BMW through experience and innovation, we are able to individualize your BMW to suit your specific needs. We do not offer any performance accessory that we believe does not significantly enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Whether it be on the street or the track – our relentless pursuit of advancement and dedication can be clearly seen through our product line as BMW owners should expect nothing less.